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I'm a proud-faced, but it is not at all. Sometimes I like it alone, but many times I want to be friends. I liked the lively (many people). I am a person who likes to socialize. I do not like the place is limited, meaning control. I like freedom. I was protecting my property rights. I hate hypocrisy. I am a glutton for work. That the given task, I will complete as me. I do not like to work half way. I am a person who likes to think outside the box comfortably. I like challenges. I can sing well (wow. ..), I like art. I love sports, I like sports, I like to eat. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Handmade...

Happy Friday Bloggers..

I'd like to share some handworks/ handmades here... it is "Labuci". I guess most of us, Woman, mesti lah mo nampak cantik tu baju kan. What we wear is about our confident level rite...

Let's talk about, baju kerja especially yang kerja, mesti wear Baju Kurung or what you call, pakaian yang menutup Aurat, Sopan, tidak menjolok Mata (not too SeXy). Yang kerja sama Government especially, sure always talking about the latest fesyen of Baju Kurung. There is Baju Kurung Moden, Baju Kurung Riau, Baju Kebarung, Baju Kurung Tangan kembang, Lengan lopor2...rite..

And I am talking about the Labuci to make your's, more gorgeous. WoW!!...heheh. Ok..let me share you, my handmade:

for this short time, I just finished this by the help of my lil' sis (Tapi tolong sikit jak ar..), and my mama who gave me an ideas, how to create it, how to do that so.. and on... It's about our hobby juga ba kan. If not, iall is masih bergantung di lamari, not finish yet, and can't wear any today. :). I wear the green one actully... And i am glad and satisfied with my own work.

Did u know, it cost about a hundred to do that so? and i get it free for granted. I enjoy the "Labucing" and oso, ada juga kawan yang beg me to labucing one of dia punya baju, then she will pay me for +++. I Said, "boleh..tapi saya kalau mo buat, ikut angin..". huhu..sampai bila pun she never wear the Baju kali. Maybe someday for serious bussiness. wa....*wink* InsyaAllah...

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