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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It's PoPs me up!

I just recall the something when I saw a guy. Erm..mengumpat la kali ne. But can't hinder it..wanna pour it out. so sory...

WOMAN SPEND A GUY *no need to describe*

ok..hopefully, i didn't anger anybody just a share.
How is the life, if the boy which u know well, is the "Buaya Darat". Not only the buaya darat, but suka minta spend sma GF dia. what a shameless guy kan... what I know is, every of his ex-GF, said he is BAD GUY. pengikis..pisau cukur. wow...don't know which part dia cukur. But for sure, memang panas la.. Look like bergaya. but all is dia punya GF & ex-GFs pny properties. The car, The things n the bla, bla, bla...untung kan banyak juga la heard about this news. Not only the girl spend HIM, but, tinggal sama2 sudah...I don't know la how is dia punya ex-GFs. And, the guy is jobless. Tp gaya...adui...heh! What a Category of guy like this ar...pandai belakon lagi tu. An actor la kan. Better u join the reality TV programme Pilih Kasih Ka..(Hosted by Rosyam Noor tu..Anak wayang ka..) baru la ada kemajuan kan. Jadi artis. So you can baham any of the DATIN who want you. Ekekek. adui...please la JERK..step on your own foot ba..jangan kasi susah perempuan. Apa la...ambil kesempatan betul oh.

As God gave a woman a pure and soft of heart...then, Love her with all your heart. Jangan suka ambil kesempatan dalam kesempitan...please,please,please...

p/s: Those guy who read this, I wish u, not one of them ok..if yes...remember your future daughter..Soon, it back to you. Believe in KARMA.

Those Girls who face this, Stop dating HIM. Better find someone new. Belum kawin sudah tidak dapat tanggung. If you stay, then you'll pay for all the needed for the rest of your life. The Bill, The debt, Child Schooling...etc. Think about it as Wisely. A jerk is not good enough for a Good Woman

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