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I'm a proud-faced, but it is not at all. Sometimes I like it alone, but many times I want to be friends. I liked the lively (many people). I am a person who likes to socialize. I do not like the place is limited, meaning control. I like freedom. I was protecting my property rights. I hate hypocrisy. I am a glutton for work. That the given task, I will complete as me. I do not like to work half way. I am a person who likes to think outside the box comfortably. I like challenges. I can sing well (wow. ..), I like art. I love sports, I like sports, I like to eat. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

The psyco Nurse

Today I went to the hospital because Dani was sick. He was cold and cough. Poor him ...

Wake up, as usual, I will provide Dani's Food. After that, give Dani eat, shower, and ready to the hospital. I like Dani looks cute ... Then it is my turn to shower and get ready ...

At about 9.30am, my parents came to pick us up. my hubby was in school. So I asked my sister, Betty to accompany me.

Today is Monday and so many patients are coming. almaklumlah .. Chinese New Year was a new low. CNY holidays meant the patient also holiday lah kali ar... I continue to the registration counter. Luckily Dani was still under 12 months. If not, I was forced to queue for registration. I was told to wait in the queue was placed in room no.4,and my queue number was 39. When I came, in the call number is 26. Ermmmm ...seems it still long. Waiting in hours, the stomach was feeling hungry. So I ask Betty to find meal.
We just went to the hospital cafeteria only.

after eating, we continue to rush into the lounge room no. 4. I asked the aunt besides me, what is the numbers calling right now. The aunt says "number 49". Seems I have missed a turn. So I knocked on the door of room No. 4. and I ask, "Nurse,saya termissed nombor saya...nombor 39. The Nurse even with a relatively high voice and the face yang mencuka replied," Ko pigi mana tadi? I said "pigi makan nurse, saya lapar".EEeeee Geram betul sama tu nurse... I saw that nurse melebih-lebih pulak, The doctor just ok ja pun...and after the check and get a description of the medications, I said thank you to the doctor while glancing the nurse. Bikin geram. Minta puji lagi. kotoh!

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