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I'm a proud-faced, but it is not at all. Sometimes I like it alone, but many times I want to be friends. I liked the lively (many people). I am a person who likes to socialize. I do not like the place is limited, meaning control. I like freedom. I was protecting my property rights. I hate hypocrisy. I am a glutton for work. That the given task, I will complete as me. I do not like to work half way. I am a person who likes to think outside the box comfortably. I like challenges. I can sing well (wow. ..), I like art. I love sports, I like sports, I like to eat. :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Sharing your problem is one of the way to less your unwell feeling.
But do sharing guaranteed it?

There is a thing you can share with and there is to keep by yourself.
Lots of thing to keep than to share with.
I ever believe to the word "TRUST". But from the moment *the bad day*, I wont even trust the word. Someone may stab your back, while you believing him/her.
The things you share, is the things used to shoot you back. Ghost... God, is there any friend that I can TRUST again for the second? But I am afraid of it. Even the nicest relationship as a friend which you treat like a sibling...I wont believe it. But to keep it also made me sick. Any other way? Im Blur...

I need my privacy...I need my day..I need my own...................

msg: When we share the GOOD things, It just ENDing shortly. But when we share the BAD things, they will gave it to the news reporter, to let the whole world know about it. So...Sh*t!

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