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Friday, July 2, 2010

Counting, Counting, Counting..


Any of the first pregnancy Mommy will face the same thing. From the date you were identified as PREGNANT, you'll counting the day to the due you were expected to deliver. It was to me now. My EDD was in 5 July, which is several days from my blogging date today.

I am waiting for the signs of birth, which I don't know how it was as well, as long as this is my first pregnancy. Some of Mom said, there will be some kind like mucus with blood will come out from 'IT' or the liquid. And when the liquid came out, that is danger which is needed you rushing to hospital to avoid from the baby drowning.
Actually, I was scared of, imagining the construction, which is much pain. I am scared of the situation by that time, which never cross in mind...undescribe, how painful the PAIN is...GOD...and the things, dilating to 10CM, OMG!.
Don't know how to prepare..but, as long I see the others, which is physically small, petite than me, did it well. So, why I can't??? huhh...erm....I pray to God, May the Labouring process going smooth. And I am waiting to enter the Delivering Room..wait for I come... Don't know when...
p/s: Ladies Fellas, maybe you never think about this thing, but since you will and get married soon, you will talking the same thing like mine. :)..will wait for your blog about the pregnancy, The Morning sickness, The Labour..and many things. Don't forget to share...will waiting...


  1. Hi B! ko suda deliver kan? ada c betty post ur baby pix d fb. ba, palagi buat la special appearance dl blog. ^_^

  2. nda blm ada masa lg cerita pasal pengalaman beranak srh dia upload ba tu..sbb sy xda masa buka FB kn..