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keningau, Sabah, the place u live in PEACE, Malaysia
I'm a proud-faced, but it is not at all. Sometimes I like it alone, but many times I want to be friends. I liked the lively (many people). I am a person who likes to socialize. I do not like the place is limited, meaning control. I like freedom. I was protecting my property rights. I hate hypocrisy. I am a glutton for work. That the given task, I will complete as me. I do not like to work half way. I am a person who likes to think outside the box comfortably. I like challenges. I can sing well (wow. ..), I like art. I love sports, I like sports, I like to eat. :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Guess any of u, always sigh for any problem. And so do I...But I enjoy my life. Life is not to build with happiness, but it is included the bad things as a spices of life.. for a lesson, becoming mature, the experience, and that is Human Being.

Thanks God for every Good and Bad things, u gave to me. Im Happy with my day, n I Enjoy the bitter n the sweet. May I'll be more stronger to face the day by day...AMIN

Sometimes, cry can less it, but sometimes, crying make it fool. But no matter what we do to make it less, just do it long...u can release it. Even lil bit. I just consider the friend sharing.

can't wait for the baby....:).Im counting for the Due. oh July..Please come fast...

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